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Doctor's Appointment


What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

It's a monthly membership based primary care practice that operates outside of traditional insurance. There is no surprise billing with extended visits that allows for a true partnership between provider and patient to optimize their health.

Bliss Health and Wellness
Membership Benefits


Membership Plan & Employer  Plan Pricing


Per Month for Adults


Per month for children aged 0-18 (only if adult (parent/legal guardian) is a member



Per month for 2 adults



Per month per employee for small businesses.


Chart & Stethoscope

Receive discounts on these aesthetic and wellness services.

Bliss Health and Wellness


Members receive discounts on aesthetic and wellness services offered:

  • Botox

  • Fillers

  • Chemical peels

  • Microneedling

  • IV therapy


IV Therapy & Pricing

What is IV Therapy?

IV is the abbreviation form of intravenous (inside the veins). IV therapy administers fluids and vitamins directly into the blood vessels.


It is a fast and efficient way of getting essential nutrients into the body. It aids in treating dehydration and fatigue. You can receive an immune boost. IV therapy helps support exercise/fitness goals and weight loss.


Please let your provider know if it has been difficult for you to receive an IV or have lab work done. Also, please let your provider know if you have a fear of needles to optimize your care.


Immune Boost 

Contains Vitamin C, Zinc and complex of B vitamins


Get Up & Go 

Contains complex of B vitamins and amino acids - building blocks of protein



IV Therapy Treatments Package 

Receive four IV Treatments  at least one week apart.


Comprehensive Physicals & Pricing

Blood Pressure


Are you interested in getting your physical without a membership? We offer a comprehensive physical with lab work and a 2 week follow up visit to review results.

I have met way too many people who have been dissatisfied with the quality of the health care that they receive. I am determined to transform the way that health care is delivered. At Bliss Health and Wellness, patients will receive personalized care and attention with adequate time to address their health care concerns/needs. I am passionate about health education. As patients, you entrust us with so much, you should know your diagnoses, what medications you are on and why you are taking them. I work with you and meet you where you are. Not all ailments need to be treated with a prescribed medication.

~Dr. Karen Quaynor MD 

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